What is an irregular heartbeat?

Your watch has detected an arrhythmia, an anomaly of the electrical activity of your heart.

How are irregular heartbeats detected?

ScanWatch can detect irregular heartbeats throughout the day and night.

ScanWatch uses a sensor called PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor that emits green light and measures its reflections on the blood vessels in the wrist. When the blood flows, the reflection of light changes.

An exclusive algorithm analyzes the signal. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, you will receive a notification.

When are irregular heartbeats detected?

ScanWatch regularly scans your heart, during the day, and the night! You can activate or deactivate this feature, you can also activate or deactivate the notifications and still read the information and find your irregular heartbeat episodes in the Health Mate app.

What should you do when an irregular heartbeat is detected?

Diseases causing arrhythmias can remain “silent”, which is why earlier detection of the disease could enable better care and help to avoid complications. We recommend you mention your irregular heartbeat episode to your doctor during your next consultation.