Best Practices

How to record an ECG with ScanWatch?

Press the side button once to wake up the watch, then rotate it to find the ECG screen and press the button again to launch the measurement. Gently place your fingers on the bezel (top ring) for 30 seconds. Stay still, don’t move or talk, and relax—it’s best to be seated, place your arm on a table or chair arm, and keep the palm of your hand open and flat. The end of the countdown on the screen and a vibration of the watch will notify you that reading is complete.

What actually happens

By placing the opposite hand on the watch, you create a closed electrical circuit with your arms and chest, allowing the measurement of a one lead ECG.


After each measurement, Withings ECG devices give you the following metrics :

- a heart rate
- a lead D1 ECG tracing
- a rhythm prediction.

Tips to improve your signals

  1. Before the measurement, tighten the band so that the back of the watch is in contact with the skin of the wrist.
  2. Make sure you have been resting for at least 10 minutes after your last workout session.
  3. Sit down and rest your arm and elbow on a table, with the hand relaxed and in an open position.
  4. If needed, during the measurement, slightly press the top of the watch on your wrist.

The following gestures are what is best to record an ECG :

The following gestures are to be avoided :

Note that the wristband must be tight and that wearing any band other than silicone, FKM or equivalent can make it more difficult to get a conclusive ECG result.